Muara Kaltim Perkasa

PT. Muara Kaltim Perkasa is always ready to assist you and your cargo/equipment anytime and anywhere.
⚓ More then 40 years of experience
🏆 Received several prestigious certificates & awards

More Then 40 Years of Sailing

40 years of experience and expertise in shipping industry allows PT. Pelayaran Muara Kalimantan Timur Perkasa to be the biggest player of sea Transport in this industry.

With our excellent reputation and unsurpassed service, we are always ready to assist you and your cargo / equipment anytime and anywhere. 40 years of experience in this industry has honed our expertise and competency to provide every single thing for your shipping needs.

From precise estimation of volume or weight, exact description of cargoes in your stowage list to calculation for the best quotation to our customers. Our professional and driven teams always come up with the right solution for the customers need. We highly emphasize on schedule planning to ensure the safety and prompt arrival of your cargo.

Realizing the importance of safety, we are a member of PT QBE Pool Indonesia which covers our entire hull and machinery Vessel Insurance, and a member of CARINA for our Protection and Indemnity Insurance. As a partner of many major oil and gas companies, as well as many international mining companies, we strongly believe in the philosophy of SAFETY IS A MUST.

Our high quality standard is also certified by International certification, such as: ISM CODE (International Safety Management), ISPS CODE (International ship and Port Facility Security) and classification by PT. Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI Class).

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Samarinda Office

Should you have more questions regarding our shipment process, do not hesitate to contact us. Visit our office and our representative will explain to you directly or simply email us through the listed address below. Please do find the most convenient way for you.

Jakarta Office

Our office branch at Jakarta, located right at the heart of the port, we are more than ready to serve your shipping needs.